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We are specialists in creating a strong brand presence. From the conception of a logo to the design of your business card and corporate identity.

Clients e-Brochures

At Q-ball media we offer the complete printed media package off-line and on-line. That is why is it vital that we understand the benefits of your business and your target audience to get much greater exposure of your services via different methods.

eBrochures can be very beneficial to your business. They offer an online catalogue for your customers to see at any time of the day. Just imagine a customer rings up and requests a brochure, and you have run out of company brochures and hassle in getting a quick turnaround and posting some out to potential customers which could take around 3-5 working days. With an eBrochure you can email one over to the customer within moments of their phone call. There are numerous benefits and advantages of using an Online eBrochure as part of your business and website promotions.

Benefits towards your Digital ebrochure

Quick Response

  • You can send out as many copies of the eBrochure as you like without ever running out of copies to ensure you approach as many potential customers as possible.

Excellent cost savings

  • With your eBrochure being online and being made from a PDF there are no costs associated with printing, posting and delivery costs. You can upload your monthly or main eBrochures instantly via your website for everyone to see.

They can be quick to download

  • eBrochures are usually quick to download and are available all the time unlike traditional brochures that can get lost in a pile of paperwork. The speed of download depends upon the size of your eBrochure and the speed of your internet connection.

Your eBrochure can be easily updated

  • One of the main benefits of an eBrochure is that when a change needs to be made to your catalogue, then it can be easily updated.
  • If it is just a seasonal change then it is the case of editing the files and uploading the new eBrochure online without having to get them printed.

Great Quality Product

  • The very best page turning technology makes your eBrochure easy to use and look great, to ensure it maximises your eBrochure's potential.
  • eBrochures have the look and feel of a traditional paper brochure
  • Our digital brochure has the effect of turning the page as a real brochure does.

Viewable on iPads, iPhones and android tablets

  • Your Page Turning Brochures can now be viewed on any computer screen regardless of size to make sure everyone get to see your offer.

Additional Benefits and Features

  • Video and music are always very popular additions to enhance your eBrochure. Make your online eBrochure interactive buy adding great responsive video links and music to create the complete multi media package at a click of a button.
  • These really work and can be uploaded on Social Media networks so everyone can see and check out your exciting new online product.

Easy to use format

  • eBrochures have main benefit of being able to be viewed and downloaded from your web site. You can also link them to your emails, email newsletters and email marketing for added awarness.

Makes your web site more interactive

  • All eBrochures can be embedded into your web site, quickly and easily.
  • An eBrochure has the added benefit of making your web site more interactive, your website visitors will get a great idea of your online brochure.

We work with many industries and research up-to-date technologies to keep your marketing material moving forward, that is why we have been successful in creating these bespoke ebrochures for our clients.

Call us today and see how we can help transform your existing brochure and help towards maximising your offers off or on-line.

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Kents Cavern has used Q-ball media to produce all its marketing, imaging and branded material since 2005. Our business has definitely benefited financially from Q-ball's involvement in producing and managing our marketing material of the years. I can highly recommend them to anybody looking for top quality design and marketing services.
Nick Powe ( Managing Director )
Kents Cavern
Work Produced: All marketing material towards folders, posters, various leaflets, newsletters, brochures, adverts, logo's, rollers banners, expo boards, site boards