Plasloc leading the way in commercial hoarding

I would like to Showcase the Team from Plasloc.

We are supporting “Plasloc” as their brand partner with creating stunning targeted point of sale banners.

Every installation is structurally certified. Plasloc has been developed for use as segregation partitioning in the most challenging commercial environments. Plasloc is a recognised brand for site hoarding and screening among leading Retailers, including Selfridges, Sainsburys, Tesco, Marks and Spencers, John Lewis, Westfield Shopping Centre, Ikea, Morrisons, to name but a few.

At QballCreative we have supported vast amounts of businesses who are keen to not just get heard but more importantly get seen in front of a new target audience.

Get Creative and ask for “Q” Your Creative Brand Partner.
We produce all creative & digital media work for 100’s of international, national & local brands.

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